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California is known as the golden gate and for a good reason. It has a history of gold mining and is now the largest economy in the United States. Did you know that California produces 17 million gallons of wine yearly?

If you are planning to visit California, there are multitudes of places that you can go camping and hiking. If wine tasting is your thing, you should head to the Napa Valley or the central coast. From its deserts to tall mountains and sandy beaches, you will be spoiled for choice. Please be careful to bring a map and compass so you don't get lost hiking in the woods. They are pretty remote places, in fact I would recommend a GPS hiking watch, that way you will never get lost! If you need one, you can see some good ones here.

So how about we see the best places to camp or hike in the golden state?

  • 1. Redwood National and State Parks

The Redwood National Parks is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has redwoods that are 2000 years old. It comprises a 50 mile stretch from northern California and ends at the little town of Orick.

There are four camps in total. Three campgrounds are in the redwood forest, and one is at Gold’s Bluff Beach on the Pacific coast.

  • 2. Lake Tahoe Camping-Camp Richardson

Lake Tahoe is the biggest mountain lake in the country and has some amazing places to go camping. Camping grounds are tucked around the lake and also in the recesses of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Whether you love hiking, boating or biking, Camp Richardson is the camp of choice. There are no facilities so be sure to bring your own camping stove or grill.

Camp Richardson is a fabulous place to camp as a family and has fantastic amenities. RV and tent sites are adjacent to the lakes shore, and a bike path meanders through the forest. There is an ice-cream parlor, and you and your family can rent bikes and cycle languidly through the woods.

When you can longer ignore the water, rent a boat from the Marina and satisfy the longing in your heart.

  • 3. Devil’s Punchbowl

In the town of Pearblossom which is on the other side of Mt Bawdy, there is a park named devil’s punchbowl. It was created by the earth’s movement many years ago. The rocks that jut out of the earth provide a rare spectacle in the adjacent is excellent for climbing and hiking.

  • 4. Carpinteria State Beach

Carpinteria State Beach is situated 12 miles south of Santa Barbara. It is ideal for camping, swimming, fishing and even surf fishing. Sea lions and seals can be seen in the area from the months of December to May, as well as the random gray whale. Tidepools contain starfish, sea anemones, crabs, snails, octopi and sea urchins.

  • 5. Bothe-Napa Valley State Park

Bothe-Napa Valley State Park is positioned on the northern end of the Napa Valley between the towns of Saint Helena and calisostga. The camp sits on the western hillside and features great shaded campsites.

The summers are scorching in the canyon, and the winters can be quite nippy. There are over 50 campsites at Bothe-Napa. The campground is served by two bathroom locations with hot water. There is a pool and day picnic area. Dogs are allowed in the camp while leashed.

While here, take advantage of the many wineries that situated here and did some wine tasting, you are in California after all, the wine country.





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