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Hi Mom!

Grandma says we have to have our Christmas list by Thanksgiving.  Here is mine!

1. Mom home again

2.Brewers yeast and garlic

3.Canine Carry outs

4. Balls with squckers in them

5. Stuff animals to rip apart

6. Peanut butter ears

7.3 bowls of food each morning

8. Rawhides

9. More balls

10. T-bones!

Posted on 26 November 2008


Now that the basement is finished, grandma is quilting ALL THE TIME!  Johann thinks that it is his job to sit on her lap.  I think that he hides under the quilts so he does not have to play with me.  I got up in her lap!  I do not want to sit under the quilt, so Grandma can not sew with me taking up her whole lap.  She gets mad at me when I start eating the thread that she is using.  I eat any thread I can find, with a needle or on a spool!  I have eaten 3 spools so far.  The bad thing about sitting on Grandma's quilts is that they have needles in them that poke and hurt!!

Later, Love, Ollie

Posted on 19 November 2008

Hi Mom!

The leaves have all changed colors here and are starting to come down faster, I hope they are still up when you come home. 15 days until you come home again!  Next Saturday, Johann and I have to go to the groomers again.  I guess that is what I get for complaining about baths with the hose!  This is worse, as they clean me ears and cut my nails too. Counting the days! Love, Ollie

Posted on 14 November 2008
Taylor R

Hi Steph, This is Taylor your old neighbor

How is Olivia?

See you later  P.S My email is

Posted on 12 November 2008

So, I am an FDA dancer again.  Not entirely sure how that happened but my mom convinced me to take the adult class with her and now I'm considering taking another class, too.  You can judge if you want to haha.  Hope all is well in Italy!  You will be happy to know that Obama is now our president (well close enough -- I don't think it is superly official).  Did you vote via absentee ballot?  Also, I went red head while you've been gone (did I mention that to you already?).  It is very Kate Walsh-esq.  What is a good weekend for me to come visit once you're back in the US?  I was thinking Dec 6th weekend or Dec 13th weekend.  I think it will be easier to take time off then as opposed to conflicting with holiday time-offs people will inevitably be taking.  What do you want for Christmas?  Anyway, I am a grown-up now, therefore I must be getting to bed before 12am my time.

Posted on 04 November 2008

Quilts!  There are a lot of quilts here, but I am not allowed on them.  I enjoy chewing a good quilt!  Grandma sits and quilts all the time.  Johann gets to SIT ON HER LAP, UNDER THE QUILT! Please talk to her about this, I could sit on her lap with the quilt! Love, Ollie

Posted on 27 October 2008

I was a bad dog, I will not bite while I am playing with people.  I was a bad dog, I will not bite while I am playing with people.  I was a bad dog, I will not bite while I am playing with people. I was a bac dog, I will not bite while I am playing with people. I was a bad dog, I will not bite while I am playing with people.   LOVE YOU MOM! MISS YOU! Love, Ollie

Posted on 23 October 2008

Hi Mom,

They keep saying they are done in the basement, then more supplies come and more work begins.  Now they are working on baseboards. Grandma painted them in the garage. Someone left the door opened, now Grandma has renamed Radar, she calls him "Sir Marksalot"!  I like carpet! We had rugs in Richmond on the hard wood floors. Grandma doesn't let me in the rooms that have carpet, but the basement is too big for her to not let me on the carpet.  I can lay on my back and scratch my back on the carpet, not rolling it up into a ball.  I strech and roll, looking like a rock dancer!  Our beds and toys are still upstairs on the wood floor!  We go for walks in the front yard every afternoon.  It is starting to get cold and the leaves are falling.  The front yard has so many trees and now with all the leaves coming down I get to smell so many other things.  Ginger is like me and likes to smell everything so we walk at the same pace, but Johann just likes to go fast and see everything.  Grandma went out and bought 3 new leashes that are exactly the same.  The other leashes were 3 different sizes so it was hard to keep us moving together.  I can not convince her to let me go without a leash, I will come in when  I think she will give me food. Food! Grandma keeps the best treats in the computer room in the basement. It is in a round metal container I can not get open by myself! Grandma said you can take me in the backyard when you come home.  It is to rugged for her to take 3 dogs.  We hiked back there before, I hope there is water in the creek! Love, Ollie

Posted on 21 October 2008

Hi Mom,

I am a city dog!  I go for rides in the car, I see lots of people, hear all the city sounds.  I even take baths in the bathroom.  Camp Grandma's is in the country.  I put my foot done yesterday and demanded a ride in the car.  She took me in her car so I did not get to enjoy the open air and she said it would only be once around the block!  Country blocks are longer than city blocks so that was good, it was 14 miles and 22 minutes to go just around the block.  I got another bath today, but it was outside with a hose!!!  Even the black dog, Radar, got a bath with the hose and he doesn't even live here!  Country dogs do not get to sit on the couch!  Please remind them that I am a city dog and should get more car rides, to be able to sit on the furniture and if I have to have a bath, that it be in a warm bathtub!

Love, Ollie

Posted on 11 October 2008

Hi Mom,

The carpet came! On Monday, the three men came to install 214 yards of carpet in the basement.  We were not allowed in the basement while they worked. Radar, the big black dog that hangs around here was on the deck all day with Johann and me!  Ginger, was not happy about Radar on the deck!  Grandma said  that Radar had to play with us since they cut the carpet out in the driveway and he likes to pee on everything! They men came 2 days, but Radar only got to play with us on the first day.  Johann and I were so tired from the first day, that were slept most of the second. I think Grandma is going to move our beds and the toy basket down to the basement now. Love, Ollie

Posted on 08 October 2008


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